Tears & Songs at Shut Down Berks Vigil

Protesters braved freezing rain and muddy fields to bring Valentine's Day cards, yarn and other supplies to keep the families detained at Berks County Residential Center distracted from their legal troubles.

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An interfaith group held their monthly vigil outside the Berks County Residential Center in Lessport, Pa.
Alicia Victoria Lozano
People, young and old, carried signs and sang songs in protest of the prolonged detention of 77 asylum-seeking families held at the center.
Alicia Victoria Lozano
Some of the detainees have been at Berks detention center for more than a year.
Alicia Victoria Lozano
They came to the U.S. as a refugees but have not stood before an immigration judge to plead for asylum. Many of the migrants came from the Golden Triangle, a war-torn region comprising Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.
Alicia Lozano/NBC10.com
The detention center is one of four facilities in the U.S. where the federal government detains women and children who enter the country without authorization.
Though the women and children and allowed outside for fresh air and exercise, they can't leave the detention center.
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