Berks County

Berks County Man Caught Lying to Judge About Marine Corps Service: Officials

A Berks County man claiming to be a United States Marine was charged on Tuesday for lying to a judge in court.

Shane Sperow was at his sentencing for an unrelated charge when officials said he told the judge he was a retired, decorated member of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Through his attorney, Sperow gave a written statement in court that claimed he was awarded a Bronze Star and Purple Heart during his service. 

During an investigation into claims that Sperow's assertation was false, Berks County detectives spoke with the Operations Officer at Manpower Management Records and Performance Branch of the US Marine Corps. The company was able to research its database of personnel back through the 1960's and found no record for Sperow. 

"When someone lies to the court, that needs to be taken seriously," said Berks County District Attorney, John Adams. "We can not, and will not look the other way."

Police had obtained a warrant to search Sperow's home, where they found items including a uniform with Sperow's name on it and a phony honorable discharge certificate. 

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