Berks County Dairy Exotic Birds Stolen: Only Feathers and Blood Left Behind

Only feathers and blood were left behind when someone took off with some very expensive exotic birds from a Berks County petting zoo.

Oley Turnpike Dairy reported that the birds were taken from their cages on Sunday, July 16.

Oley Turnpike Dairy is a three-in-one experience. It's an ice cream shop, restaurant and petting zoo all in one. The zoo has a variety of animals including monkeys, goats, parrots, emus and llamas. On Sunday, someone cut the chicken wire in the bird house and four of the dairy's petting zoo animals were taken. Only one lonely parrot was left in the room.

Owners at the dairy are hoping someone recognizes the birds and can help get them back.

Romeo and Juliet are a breeding pair of yellow headed amazons who the dairy has had for four years.

Julie Stewart

Sunny, a yellow sun conure has been with the dairy for 20 years.

Julie Stewart

Mr. Grey is an African grey parrot that has been at the dairy for over 25 years.

Julie Stewart

The birds are worth a lot of money — potentially $3,400 — so staff believe they may be sold at an auction, the black market or underground websites for illegal exotic pets.

The missing birds bit the bandits, which is where the blood came from. Police are testing it try and see if DNA could lead them to the thief.

"Whoever came in, they got him pretty good. They put up a good fight," Julie Stewart of the Oley Turnpike Dairy Zoo said.

Anyone with information about the Romeo and Juliet, Sunny or Mr. Grey are urged to contact the dairy at 610-914-9214 or 610-689-0660.

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