New Jersey

Bear Hunt Protesters Lure Christie With Doughnuts

A person in a bear costume held a plate of doughnuts next to a pile of plush bears, and a cardboard cutout of Chris Christie as members of animal rights groups called on New Jersey lawmakers to ban the hunting practice of bear baiting with junk food.

About three dozen activists rallied Thursday at the State House to make their case for the bearbaiting ban, along with other measures to reduce conflicts between people and bears.

"We want to end the bear hunt, we want to end the insanity," said one of the activists, referring to the state's annual bear hunt, which is scheduled for Dec. 8-13.

Protesters held signs that read "Slaughter Isn’t Sport," "Stop The Bear Hunt," and "Governor Christie, Where Is Your Humanity?"

The activists brought vegan doughnuts to try to “lure” Gov. Chris Christie to speak with them despite the fact that he was scheduled to be in Canada on Thursday. Hunters often use doughnuts to attract bears.

The activists say that's inhumane and also helps attract bears to other human food supplies.

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