David Chang

Officers Capture Bear in Feasterville-Trevose

The animal climbed up a tree near a Kmart and the White Chapel Memorial Park Inc. Cemetery on the 100 block of Street Road.

After hours of waiting, wildlife officials captured a bear in Feasterville-Trevose, Bucks County.

The male bear, which officials believe is 1-year-old and about 150 pounds, was first spotted in a tree near a Kmart and the White Chapel Memorial Park Inc. Cemetery Sunday. The bear fell asleep on top of the tree as officials and a crowd of onlookers gathered in the area.

The bear came down at some point Monday morning and ran to a wooded area near County Line Road and Bustleton Avenue in Feasterville-Trevose. The bear then ran back up the tree in the area as officers with the Pennsylvania Game Commission arrived at the scene. 

"You don't want to shoot it up the tree with a tranquilizer because it will either fall out of the tree or stay up there," Pennsylvania Game Commission Officer Jerry Czech told NBC10.

After the bear fell asleep in the tree, the officers used a drone to try and wake him up. They then tried using rubber bullets but the bear climbed further up the tree.

"It was a waiting game again," Czech said.

The Game Commission Officers then reached out to Philadelphia Police who used their TAC Air helicopter to scare the bear out of the tree.

"That worked perfectly," Czech said.

The bear ran out of the tree and the officers shot him with a tranquilizer dart. The bear continued to run in a grassy area until he finally lost consciousness. The officers wrapped up the sleeping bear in tarp. They plan on transporting and releasing him to Pennsylvania State Game Lands in Harrisburg.

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