Man Calls 911, Kills Self After Shooting Brother-in-Law: Prosecutors

A man picked up the phone reported that he killed his brother-in-law then turned the gun on himself overnight inside the home on a quiet New Jersey street.

Ocean County Prosecutor's Office Capt. Jack Sramaty confirmed the investigation inside a home on the 200 block of Compass Avenue in Beachwood, N.J.

Sramaty said that 911 dispatchers received a call around 9:25 Thursday from a man who indicated that a shooting had taken place in the home.

An initial investigation found that one of the two men found dead in the bedroom of the home was actually the one who made that call before turning the gun on himself, Sramaty said.

Investigators say the incident began with a verbal altercation between Richard Quattrone, 62, and his wife Fatemah Quattrone, 57, inside the home they shared with her brother Kamran Ahmadimarandi.

The home is near the southern bank of the Toms River a short drive from Toms River near the Barnegat Bay.

At some point Ahmadimarandi stepped in and began to argue with Richard Quattrone, according to investigators. The two men entered a bedroom where Ahmadimarandi grabbed a 9-mm handgun and shot Quattrone twice, killing his brother-in-law.

Sramaty said that Ahmadimarandi, 56, then picked up the phone, called 911 and reported the shooting. Before police could arrive, Ahmadimarandi turned the gun on himself, according to investigators.

Investigators from the Beachwood Police, county sheriff’s office and the prosecutor’s office were at the scene but initially gave few details about what happened besides that two men died.

Autopsies are expected on both bodies at some point Friday and the investigation is ongoing.

Neighbor Ed Ryan said the family moved in about a year before Hurricane Sandy. He said the family seemed nice.

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