Battleship New Jersey Offering Bunks for Papal Pilgrims

The Battleship New Jersey has some bunks available for pilgrims who need a place to lay their head during the papal visit to Philadelphia next month.

But the accommodations are far from five-star.

The bunks most often occupied by Scout troops and youth groups are being offered to visitors coming to see Pope Francis, said Jack Williard, senior vice president of the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial.

"Guests can come on board, we serve dinner and breakfast from the chow line, guests will also get a tour of the battleship," he said. "They can ride the flight simulator and, of course, they can sleep in the bunks that the crew of the USS New Jersey once did."

The price is $75 per person, per night, and for that you share big rooms in triple-decker beds.

"They're basically bunks, 8 feet long by 3 feet wide," Williard said.

But the military bed and breakfast has one big draw ... location. It's a short walk from the ship's berth in Camden across the Ben Franklin Bridge to Philadelphia. It would be especially handy for those attending the pope's speech on Independence Mall.

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