Police Recover SUV, Question Women in Baseball Bat Attack Against School Bus

Philadelphia Police questioned two women about the "bizarre" attack on a school bus full of Bucks County students after the pair showed up to claim a sports utility vehicle used during the incident in Northeast Philadelphia Friday.

Philadelphia Police recovered a charcoal gray Chevrolet Suburban along the 2100 block of N. 4th St. in North Philadelphia Friday morning.

The SUV, despite being a Suburban -- not a Tahoe as first reported by police -- is the one used in Thursday afternoon's "bizarre" attack, according to police.

“For someone to get out of a vehicle and use a baseball bat and break a window of a yellow school bus knowing that it’s full of students – that’s pretty bizarre,” said Philadelphia Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Two women showed up at the impound lot Friday afternoon to claim the SUV. Police consider the women persons of interests and took them into custody for questioning.

The apparent road rage incident occurred around 3 p.m. Thursday when the bus approached Levick Street in the southbound lanes of the Boulevard (U.S. Route 1), according to Philadelphia Police.

An initial investigation revealed that a group of teens on the bus began yelling at a Chevrolet SUV full of women and the two groups began to through objects at one another.

“There was some verbal argument between the students on the bus as well as four occupants,” said Small.

The women became angry and pulled their SUV in front of the bus, blocking its path, said police.

Two women then got out of the SUV and began attacking the outside of the bus using a baseball bat and mace, said investigators. During the attack the women sprayed mace onto the front of the bus and broke the window directly behind the bus driver, sending broken glass onto a student who injured his wrists. Police said that student is expected to be OK.

The unidentified driver and her passenger got back into her vehicle and drove off down Horrocks Street, said investigators.

Police said there was no indication the women ever tried to board the bus.

The bus stopped a short time later across the street from Gilbert Pruance Elementary School at Horrocks and Hellerman streets. The school nurse then treated the injured 15-year-old and sent him on his way.

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