Alleged Basement Horror Ringleader to Stand Trial

The courts have deemed Linda Weston competent to stand trial.

The woman considered to be the ringleader in the basement horror case has been deemed competent to stand trial during a hearing on Wednesday.

Linda Ann Weston, 51, along with two others, is accused of abusing four mentally disabled adults. Those adults were found chained to a boiler in a locked Tacony basement.

The basement reeked of urine and feces and was not large enough for the adults to stand.

Weston will appear before a judge on December 19 for a preliminary hearing on charges that include kidnapping, conspiracy and assault.

In court, Weston was also committed to 60 days of psychiatric treatment where she is on suicide watch.

Doctors testified that she may have some degree of mental retardation and that she is having trouble grasping the seriousness of her charges.


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