Barren Shelves at the Salvation Army

Food shortage just in time for the holidays

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Each month more than 600 families turn to the food bank at the Salvation Army in Easton for help.

That number only increases around the holidays. On Thanksgiving alone, they were expected to provide meals for hundreds of families.

This year, however, those families might need to look elsewhere for nourishment because the Salvation Army planned to close its food pantry on Wednesday. Not because they don't want to help but because the shelves were empty.

There was no food on the shelves -- no canned corn, no canned peas, no cranberry sauce.

Daily food requests have increased six times since the downturn in the economy as people simply can't afford to eat, the Salvation Army said.

The non-profit group just wasn't able to provide for the people they strive to help. That was unless the public started to donate, immediately.

What they need is food and they need it now.

Anyone looking to help can donate food or money can do so at the Salvation Army of Easton, 1100 Northampton St., Easton, Pa. 18042, 610-258-9531.

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