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The Goodwill held a "Running of the Brides" sale on Feb. 8, 2014 in Pennsauken. The sale was so successful, they've extended it through Valentine's Day weekend. Designer gowns are on-sale for $49 to $299.99.

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Goodwill Running of the Brides sale on Feb. 8, 2014 in Pennsauken.
The mad dash to pick out bridal gowns at the "Running of the Brides" at the Goodwill in Pennsauken on Feb. 8, 2014.
Sarah Glover
The sale was so successful the Goodwill has extended it through Valentine's Day weekend. Designer gowns are on-sale for $49 to $299.99.
The dresses came in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and some had fancy trim. The designer dresses were donated and the event is a fundraiser for Goodwill. $10,000 worth of dresses was sold on the sale's first day.
Sarah Glover
Heather Banks (left) and Charlotte Hughes exit the dressing rooms at the same time for their big reveal.
Sarah Glover
Joyce Hughes of Lumberton reacts to seeing her daughter try on a dress.
Sarah Glover
Hughes, who traveled from Virginia to partake in the sale, tries a veil on to finish off the look.
Sarah Glover
Hughes loves the Casablanca dress, her first choice. The cost is $299.95.
Sarah Glover
Heather Banks of Springfield Township tries on the dress her mother JoAnne (right) liked. Heather wasn't a fan of it.
Sarah Glover
Aisah Abdur Raheem (left) and her friend Zarifa Sharef of Philly were driving by the Goodwill, saw the line and then stopped to see what people we waiting for. Raheem is on the phone with her daughter telling her to come over.
Sarah Glover
Naagee Raheem smiles when she saw the selection of dresses.
Sarah Glover
Naagee Raheem (right) tries on the first dress she picked out.
Sarah Glover
Shoes are available at bargain prices too.
Sarah Glover
Tamisha Johnson of Princeton combs through the racks to find that perfect dress.
Sarah Glover
Kimberly Burgess (left) of Mt. Laurel holds dresses with her daughter Kimberly while waiting for a dressing room to open up.
Sarah Glover
Morgan Douglas (left) of Willingboro and her mother Nicole Douglas hold up a dress they both like. Morgan is participating in an AKA sorority debutant ball and was seeking a wedding dress to wear to the ball.
Sarah Glover
Hair accessories for the bride and bridesmaids.
Sarah Glover
The line outside the Goodwill at the Running of the Brides in Pennsauken.
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