Bar Patrons Fight Back, Take Down Robber

One robber get more than he bargained for at Del. bar

One robber allegedly trying to rob a Claymont, Del. bar got more than he bargained for when the bar patrons he was trying to rob fought back.

Here is how things panned out according to Delaware State Police.

Shortly after midnight on Thursday morning, Delaware State Troopers were alerted to a robbery in progress at George’s Bar at the Darley Road Shopping Center. 
Around 12:30 a.m. Samon Smith walked into the bar to scope out the scene.

Soon after she left two other suspects entered George's Bar.

The other suspects Darin Shelton of Chester, Pa. and hist brother Rasheed Harris of Wilmington, Del. were asked for ID by the bartend. Shelton responded by bringing out a handgun said "here is my ID," according to the cops.
Harris left Shelton alone in the bar when he ran after a bar patron who had fled the bar. He unsuccessfully tried to rob the patron outside, said state police.
Shelton went patron to patron robbing each one at a time as he proceeding through the bar, said police.

He turned his attention to rob the bar tender leaving an opportunity for the other patrons to strike back.

The bar guys struggled with the armed Shelton before taking him down. One patron hit Shelton over the head with a pool cue and the gang grabbed the gun away from the alleged robber, police said.

Harris and Smith fled the scene in a gold Ford Taurus realizing the mess going on inside the bar.

About 15 minutes after the robbery, a New Castle County Police officer stopped the suspected Ford on I-95 just over the Pa. state line.
Shelton was treated for his injuries and released from Christiana Hospital. 

Police detectives have linked Shelton and Harris to a Wawa robbery that happened Wednesday on Ridge Road and an October 7-Eleven robbery in Governors Printz.

Smith was has not been implicated in either of the earlier cases.

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