Bananas Hide $2M in Cocaine

26 bricks of the illegal drug were found stashed in a shipping container filled with fruit

Customs officers made a huge drug find at the Port of Wilmington last Sunday.

While inspecting a commercial shipping container filled with bananas, officials found 63-pounds of cocaine stashed inside.

The drugs were found onboard the M/V Dole Chile, a container ship that brings fruit from South America to the United States, officials say.

Broken into 26-bricks, the cocaine has a street value around $2 million, officials say.

The department of Homeland Security says the container could have been loaded onto the ship in either Colombia, Costa Rica or Hondoras, but wound' t specify which location.

"It's not unusual for generally law-abiding international transportation companies to become unwitting victims of narcotics traffickers," said Allan Martocci, CBP port director for the Area Port of Philadelphia.

The M/V Dole Chile also makes a stop in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. before arriving in Wilmington, Del. It is unclear whether officials believe other containers could have contained drugs.

The Port of Wilmington is the number one port in North America for bananas, as well as juice concentrate and fresh fruit, according to its website.

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