Bam Margera's Mom: My Jackass Son Didn't Overdose

Jackass star's mom explains why he's in a local hospital

Yes, my Jackass son's in the hospital. No, it's not a drug overdose.

Bam Margera's mom called WMMR radio Monday to explain her son's trip to the hospital after reported Bam's 911 call was for a "possible overdose."

"No it wasn't," she told DJ's Preston and Steve. "He's severely dehydrated, like severely dehydrated and he suffered some injuries with Nitro Circus," said April Margera. Bam was hydrated overnight and still hospitalized Monday afternoon, according to mom.

From high-school dropout to skateboard punk to "Jack Ass" to stardom on "Viva La Bam" Margera never strayed far from his West Chester, Pa. roots and that was where he was when he needed help Sunday.

Someone called for help Sunday afternoon and that's when paramedics went out to Bam's West Chester home. Bam's mom said he didn't pass out or anything like that and even walked out of the house to the ambulance on his own. But mom did sound a little put out by the whole ordeal.

"Basic partying...the same old cycle," said April. "I'm sure he'll be fine. He's just really exhausted...from this whole Jackass lifestyle, I think."

Bam's mom told Preston and Steve she'd literally just gotten back from vacation Sunday to find out her son was rushed to a local hospital. "...should've kept on driving," she said.

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