Ban on Saggy Pants Coming to a Boardwalk Near You?

You might be asked to pull up your pants and put on a shirt the next time you head to the Jersey Shore.

Wildwood officials are considering rules that would require visitors to pull up their pants, put on a shirt and wear shoes while on the town's boardwalk.

The proposed regulations are in an ordinance scheduled for a vote on June 12.


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The baggy pants measure requires the waist band of pants, shorts, swimsuits, and skirts to be no lower than 3 inches below the waist to prevent the exposure of skin or underwear.

Shirts would be required between 8 p.m. and until 5 a.m.

Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano Jr. tells The Press of Atlantic City he's tired of complaints from the public.

"I'm sick of hearing people complain about the disrespectful individuals who walk around with their butts hanging out," Troiano said.

Troiano says the ordinance is designed to maintain the boardwalk's friendly-family appeal.

Police Commissioner Pete Byron is a supporter of the proposal.

"I think it's obnoxious with these kids who wear their pants down around their knees," Byron told the paper.

Police officers, code enforcement officers and boardwalk inspectors will have the right to enforce the rules. If an offender is caught breaking the dress code they can advise the offender of the violation and ask the person to "peaceably" exit the boardwalk if they choose not to change, according to a copy of the ordinance obtained by NBC10 Philadelphia.

The proposal also says that once someone is warned about his or her dress that they can then be removed from the boardwalk and issued a citation ranging from $25 to $100 for a first offense up to $200 for subsequent violations. The court can also order violators to serve up to 40 hours of community service.

The violator cannot be arrested, however, unless he or she acts disorderly, according to the ordinance.

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