Bad Cemetery Conditions Anger Grieving Women

Two women are fed up with what they say are unacceptable conditions at a Southwest Philadelphia cemetery.

Maleka Young and Contina White chose to bury their loved ones at the Mount Moriah Cemetery since it provides a traditional Islamic burial.

However, the women were shocked by the cemetery’s conditions, which include overgrown shrubs, overturned headstones, trash and broken fences that allow easy trespass.

“I’ve seen horrible things, like prostitution,” said Maleka.

In September, Contina buried her 15-year-old son Quaadir White, who died after suffering a neck injury during a high school football practice scrimmage.

“Why don’t they put a gate up just to keep the people out?” asked Contina. “It should be better than what it is.”

Both women say that they’ve tried countless times to contact cemetery management to complain, but to no avail. The management did not respond after NBC10 tried to contact them.

NBC10 previously received complaints about Mount Moriah back in 2005. While management did not speak on camera, they claimed that they had a limited staff and funds but that they tried to address complaints as soon as they received them.

“I would hope that our family members and our loved ones here resting have some type of peace,” said Maleka. “But I don’t think it’s peaceful for the families.”

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