Bacon Brothers Help “Save the Mummers”

The Mummers need $500,000 for this year's parade

Since 1901 the Mummers have danced, strutted and partied their way through Center City on New Year’s Day and if Kevin Bacon has his way, it’s going to stay that way.

The Philly native and movie star along with his award-winning composer brother Michael, hosted the “Save the Mummers Parade” benefit concert Saturday night at the Electric Factory at 421 N. 7th Street.

“We have fond memories of the growing up in Philadelphia. As musicians, one of our most treasured memories is the Mummers Parade on New Year’s Day,” said Michael Bacon during a planning meeting last month.

This year the cash-strapped city announced it does not have enough the $336,000 donation toward prize money putting the iconic tradition in jeopardy. The Mummers said they need it to finance their elaborate feather-and-sequinced costumes.

The Mummers Association met with city officials Friday night but did not reach an agreement. Mayor Nutter insisted there will be a parade, but it remains to be seen how it will be paid for. The city is also starting to charge parade groups for police, clean-up and other costs.

The celebration featured performances from several bands along with a few of the famous Mummers.

The parade is a New Year's Day tradition in Philadelphia and features string bands, comics and other performers.


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