‘Very Strange This Case;' Police Can't Explain Backpack With $100,000 in Drugs Found at Bucks County School

A backpack full of $100,000 in heroin appeared out of the blue this week in a parking lot of a Bensalem, Bucks County, school, police said.

The mystery remains about who would drop off that much illegal narcotics at a school — in a backpack. And then disappear.

"Very strange this case," Bensalem Police Director Fred Harran told NBC10 on Friday.

Harran said the packaging suggests the heroin, which was packaged in hundreds of multi-colored boxes, was on its way to Trenton.

"This was just a pass through," Harran said of the location in Bensalem. "Someone out there lost $100,000 worth of heroin."

Detectives are now working to crack the case. NBC10 is not identifying the school where the backpack was found Wednesday at the request of the police department.

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