Jersey Shore

Back to the Beach: Avalon, Stone Harbor Allow Limited Walking, Running on the Shore

The beaches will allow limited access from dawn to dusk

A pier at the beach in the sunset
Apuch / CC BY-SA

Two of the Jersey Shore's most popular beaches are allowing a little more beach access.

Avalon and Stone Harbor on the 7 Mile Beach will allow people on the beach for running, walking, fishing and surfing as long as they are following social distancing rules, starting at dawn Friday.

No "stationary" activities, including sitting in chairs or on towels or blankets, will be allowed. The beaches will be patrolled to enforce social distancing, the two boroughs said in a memo posted to Facebook.

No large groups will be allowed on the beaches, which will be open from dawn to dusk.

All other public areas, including the boardwalk, playgrounds and rec centers will remain closed.

"This limited beach access accommodation is intended to provide an open space for individuals to get exercise, see the beach and ocean, and have a relaxing experience," the memo reads.

And Avalon and Stone Harbor reminded potential visitors from out of town that Gov. Phil Murphy's stay at home order remains in place.

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