Cue the Cuteness: Baby Gorilla Debuts at Philadelphia Zoo

A newborn gorilla made its debut at the Philadelphia Zoo on Wednesday. Staffers have not yet been able to determine the gender, but once they do, a name vote will be taken on the Zoo's website.

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Gary Watson | NBC10
The public got its first glimpse of the baby western lowland gorilla on Wednesday, five days after its 21-year-old mother, Honi, gave birth.
Gary Watson | NBC10
Zookeepers gave the mother and newborn a few days to recuperate before the animals rejoined 31-year-old dad Motuba and another female gorilla, Kira.
Gary Watson | NBC10
Staffers haven't been able to determine the baby's gender, since Honi has been holding it so closely. Like newborn humans, the zoo notes, baby gorillas rely completely on their mothers for care.
Gary Watson | NBC10
The zoo says it will host a vote on its website after zoo staff find out the gender and suggest some of their favorite names. Western lowland gorillas like the ones in the Philadelphia Zoo, which inhabit African forests, are listed as critically endangered species.
Gary Watson | NBC10
The zoo also has two other male western lowland gorillas: 17-year-old Louis and 14-year-old Kuchimba, who is Honi's son.
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