Aye Carumba!

Philly Police disperse huge crowds at piñata commercial shoot

Piñata lovers and spectators hoping to be part of a commercial shoot for Carnival Cruise Lines involving the world's largest piñata were left candy-less Sunday afternoon.

Philadelphia Police shut down the free event at Broad and Washington Streets in Center City after 7,000 people showed up to see the giant, 6-story donkey broke open with a wrecking ball.  Officials were concerned that a riot would break out as people would attempt to grab pieces of the 8,000 lbs. of candy inside.

"This was not exactly what we had hoped for.  We are now looking to break open the piñata later today or tomorrow," said the event's host John Heald in a statement on the cruise line's website Sunday.

Heald specifically apologized to some spectators who drove from as far as Tennessee and Michigan to take part in the unique festivities.

Carnival continued on with the commercial shoot once the crowds were gone.   No word on when it will air.

Crews Prepare World's Largest Piñata
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