Audubon Elementary Cafeteria Inspection Finds Code Violations

While an April 2 visit to the Woodland Elementary School cafeteria, as managed by Armark Educational Services, came back clear, a recent visit to Audubon Elementary School wasn’t so lucky.

A 45-minute stop to the local elementary school’s kitchen, also managed by the district’s private hiring of Armark, netted a violation according to a March 31 inspection report from the Montgomery County Department of Health.

While all other checked points came back either “in compliance” or “not observed” at the time of inspection, one category was not so fortunate. Labeled under the “Utensils, Equipment and Vending” section of the inspection report, Line Item 45 was marked as “out of compliance” with necessary health codes.

The line is described as “Food and non-food contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed, and used.”

Audubon Elementary School, located at 2765 Egypt Road, will have until Oct. 31, 2014 to correct the failure found during this routine inspection.

Inspector Robert Geary reported in his write-up that the “facilities must correct and maintain all noted violations.”

His report was handed to the "person in charge," labeled as Jacqueline Feldman, who in the Audubon handbook is listed simply as “kitchen staff.” A copy of the report was given to Feldman at the time of inspection, per the department of health.

The specific findings that Geary reported to be in violation of health codes included:

· Ice build up on the floor of the walk-in freezer

· Ice build up along the condensation line

· Calcium build up on the faucet at the hand-washing sink

· Surfaces at the hand-washing sink not cleanable

To view the entire Audubon Elementary cafeteria health inspection, check the link here.

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