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AT&T Trumpets Its Own New Unlimited Plan Days After Verizon Announces Plan

The plan costs $180 for a family of four

AT&T says any cell phone customer can sign up for unlimited data plans. That option had been limited to customers of AT&T-owned DirecTV.

The change came just days after Verizon announced an unlimited plan without such restrictions.

All four major cell phone providers now offer unlimited plans, a major reversal from a few years ago. AT&T's version costs the same as Verizon's — $180 — for a family of four but is pricier for an individual. Sprint and T-Mobile are cheaper.

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Sprint also said last week that it was letting unlimited customers watch video in high definition rather than DVD quality. T-Mobile announced a similar change after Verizon said HD video was included. AT&T's unlimited plan degrades video to DVD quality, but customers can turn HD video back on for free.

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