Facebook Video Showing Exchange Between AC Officer and 2 Men Sparks Police Investigation

The officer involved in the video has been placed on administrative assignment pending the outcome of the investigation, according to an Atlantic City police spokesperson.

A Facebook video showing an exchange between an Atlantic City officer and two men inside a car has sparked a police investigation.

The video was posted Tuesday night though the uploader does not indicate when or where it occurred.

In the one-minute, 17-second long clip, a driver records as he and his passenger speak with an Atlantic City police officer.

“Can I get my phone?” the passenger asks.

“Listen there’s two ways that this can go,” the officer says as the driver records him. “Take that phone and stick it out of my face. I’m not gonna tell you again.”

“I’m not getting committed with no crime though,” the driver says. “What’s the probable cause bruh?”

“Listen, my camera’s on so don’t worry about it,” the officer replies.

The officer then tells the passenger to keep his hand out of his face. The passenger then asks the officer again to give him his phone.

“I’m going to explain this one time and one time only,” the officer replies. “It’s gonna go two ways. You can act like a gentleman and I’m going to treat you like a gentleman. You frog the f--- up I guarantee you that 90 pound dog is gonna come out and gonna rip the f--- out of you. And if your hand goes and disappears I’m gonna knock you the f--- out. Put your hand in my face and I’m gonna knock you the f--- out. I’m that f------ guy. You understand me? So calm the f--- down. You feel me? You’ll go away. Real cool. You start acting like a f------ fool and I will drag you out of this f------ window. You understand?”

The driver then tells the passenger to be quiet and the passenger apologizes to the officer.

“You’re right sir, you’re absolutely right, I apologize,” the passenger says.

“I’m not disrespecting you,” the officer says. “You wanna frog the f--- up? I’ve got no problem. We’ll step outside and bang. I got no f------ problem.”

“You don’t gotta do all that,” the passenger says. “It don’t have to be like that.”

“It doesn’t have to be like that so stop making it like that,” the officer says.

“I’m not,” the passenger replies. “All I was trying to do was just grab my phone sir.”

The officer then either tells the passenger, “You’re on lawful detention” or “you’re on unlawful detention,” though it’s difficult to tell which word he uses from the video. The officer then says, “You are not allowed to have your cellphone. You understand? You’re not allowed to use it. So you can turn yours off right now. Otherwise I’m gonna skip it right down…”

The video then ends.

A spokesperson for the Atlantic City Police Department said they are aware of the video and have ordered the Internal Affairs Unit to investigate. They did not reveal when or where the incident happened, the name of the officer or the names of the two men inside the car. They also have not revealed what led to the recorded exchange or what occurred after the video shut off.

The officer involved in the incident has been placed on administrative assignment pending the outcome of the investigation, according to the spokesperson.

“The language and tone used by our officer in the video is concerning and is not condoned by this department,” the spokesperson wrote. “The officer involved was wearing a body worn camera which will be reviewed by detectives.”

In the released statement, the spokesperson described the ways in which the Atlantic City Police Department has improved its relationship with the community.

“We have worked hard to gain the trust and confidence of the community by becoming part of the community with many of our programs such as Pizza with the Police and Coffee with the Cop,” the spokesperson wrote. “Our officers are involved in neighborhood walks and events that educate the community on the role of police officers with our Civilian Police Academy and Juvenile Police Academy.”

If you have any information on the incident, please call the Atlantic City Police Department Internal Affairs Section at 609-347-5833.

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