Dan Stamm

Atlantic City Officers Bring Christmas Joy to Boys After Stabbing in Home

Two Atlantic City Police officers went above and beyond the call of duty to make Christmas brighter for a pair of boys after a terrible incident.

The officers responded after someone was stabbed in the boys' California Avenue apartment Wednesday morning, said police.

The home didn’t look ready for Christmas. Officers Brendan Andros and Rusty Bouffard put up a Christmas tree they found sitting in a box in the apartment with the help of the 7- and 10-year-old boys, said police.

The helpful officers weren't done bringing cheer. They noticed there were no gifts in the apartment so they brought over a bag full of unopened toys from the police station much to the delight of the boys as they waited for a relative to pick them up.

"Officers Andros and Bouffard turned an ugly, violent incident into a positive warm Christmas for the boys," said Sgt. Joseph Falcone.

Police arrested one person in the apartment for assault and the victim suffered serious injuries, said Atlantic City Police.

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