Assault Weapons Legal in PA and DE

The gun debate got louder, following Friday's movie theater massacre in Colorado.

All of the weapons allegedly used in the deadly shooting can easily be bought at stores in Pennsylvania and Delaware. All you need is a valid driver's license and a clean criminal record. Should they be banned?

"There's 3 million minds in this country.  And how do you control those?  You don't know when one of those idiots is gonna pop up." said gun owner Bob Ewing.

Opponents say more regulation is needed. 

Maxwell Nacheman of CeaseFire PA told NBC10 "The scary part of what happened in Colorado is that so many factors that existed in that state are also here in PA, from the fact that you can buy an  assault rifle ... that you can buy long guns and certain rifles in PA without a background check."

The sale of assault rifles like the one allegedly used in Colorado have been banned in seven states, including NJ. On Friday, gun owners weighed in on the renewed debate.

"I think there should be some kind of mental exam, if you will, for people who buy them" said Bob Ewing.

But John Burke isn't as sure. "Tragedy happens and people automatically say we must do something we must do something. Well, you can't always do something."

NBC10 reached out to the National Rifle Association. They would only say "Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families and the community. The NRA will not have any further comment until all the factors are known."


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