Dump Truck Crashes, Spills Hot Asphalt

Asphalt on the roadway is expected but not like this.

A dump truck struck a parked car at the intersection Route 1 south of Washington Road in West Windsor Township, N.J. -- a short distance northeast of Trenton – around 12:45 a.m. Wednesday, according to West Windsor police.

The force of the wreck pushed that car across the northbound lanes of Route 1 and into a gas station parking lot where it struck another vehicle that was fueling up. It also caused the truck to overturn, spilling hot asphalt onto a 50-year section of the roadway.

The truck driver suffered minor injuries, according to police. No one else was hurt.

Crews used heavy machinery to pull the hardening asphalt off the road. They worked for four-plus hours overnight to clean-up the mess left behind including cleaning up the hot tar and repairing a concrete median damaged during the crash.

The roadway finally reopened around 5 a.m.

No charges were immediately filed.

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