Art Museum Gets Top Award in Venice

The Philadelphia Art Museum beat out the world to take the top prize for "best pavilion" in Venice.

The Philadelphia Art Museum won “Best National Pavilion” from the Venice Biennale’s Golden Lion award, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.

A five-member international committee gave the award, honoring "Bruce Nauman: Topological Garden" last week.

The exhibit showcases Nauman’s 40-year career, and includes his work in neon, video, installation, performance, and sculpture. The exhibit is on display in three different areas of the U.S. Pavilion, in a park that includes 29 international pavilions making up Biennale’s center.

"The word I've heard is that you really must see all of it," said Adam D. Weinberg, director of the Whitney Museum of American Art, about the three-venue Nauman show. Having viewed the portion in the U.S. Pavilion, he said, "It still seems really edgy."

Early visitors to the Nauman show, or at least parts of it, have included Mick Jagger and Naomi Campbell, and reviews have been affirming, according to the Inquirer.

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