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2 Arrested For Allegedly Trying to Selling Pipe Bombs to Atlantic City Police

A rifle and 300 rounds of ammunition were allegedly also part of the deal, police said.

An Atlantic City woman and a Margate woman allegedly tried selling pipe bombs and a rifle to people who turned out to be undercover police officers, authorities said Tuesday.

The two suspects, Danielle Demers, 37, formerly known as Daniel Smith, and Nina House, 31, also offered to teach the undercover cops how to make improvised explosives and inflict maximum damage, police alleged at a press conference.

Nina House, left, and Danielle Demers, have been charged by Atlantic City police with allegedly trying to sell five pipe bombs and provide lessons on manfacturing improvised explosive devices.

One police official described one suspect noting that a pipe bomb "should be filled with nails to act as shrapnel."

A rifle with a scope were allegedly also part of the deal between the suspects and the undercover officers. A large amount of ammunition was included, police said.

"During the course of the investigation, a Savage .30-06 rifle with a scope, more than 300 rounds of .30-06 ammunition, and the materials needed to make five pipe bombs were recovered," police said in a statement.

FBI agents aided in the arrests.

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