Another Blow for Bernie: Philadelphia Denies DNC Rally Permit

Bernie Sanders supporters endured insult after injury this week.

First, they listened to their candidate declare defeat to Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. And now, they won't get to listen to their candidate speak at an outdoor rally in South Philadelphia on the eve of the Democratic National Convention.

The Sanders campaign got rejected by the City of Philadelphia in a request to hold a July 24 rally.

The campaign sought to hold a rally for up to 40,000 people on a baseball field at FDR Park, according to the rejection letter from a deputy city managing director.

In bold all caps, the city told John Robinson of Bernie 2016, Inc. that it was "DENIED" in its application to hold a rally at Ashburn Field because the field is not permitted for "non-recreational purposes."

"The City Property requested is a non-public forum that has not been opened for expressive activity to the general public," Deputy Managing Director for Operations Jazelle Jones wrote in the rejection letter.

Here is the letter in full:




July 11, 2016

John Robinson

Bernie 2016, Inc.

PO Box 905

Burlington, VT  05402

RE:  “Bernie 2016 Future to Believe in Rally” Demonstration Application – 07/24/16

Dear Mr. Robinson,

Please be advised that your Demonstration Application for the above-referenced event has been DENIED.  The reason(s) for this denial is (are) as follows:

-          The City Property requested is a non-public forum that has not been opened for expressive activity to the general public. (See Permit Policy for Demonstrations Section 7, Subsection B, Paragraph 23).

Specifically, the property sought to be used for the Demonstration (Ashburn Field) is subject to a multi-party agreement that doesn’t permit usage for non-recreational purposes.

Due to the requested date, time, scope and location of the proposed activity, we do not have recommended alternatives to propose.  However, we welcome the submission of a revised application by your organization with a different staging area, time and/or route.

If you should have any questions or concerns, or feel that you are receiving this letter in error, please contact the Office of Special Events at 215-686-3488.



Jazelle M. Jones – Deputy Managing Director / Director of Operations

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