Animals Need You Now

City animal shelters are stretched to the max with recent influx of dogs

It's kitten and puppy season in Philadelphia right now a space-strapped shelters are forced to put down pets if people don't pick up adoptions.

Philadelphia’s Animal Care and Control Team are always looking for people to adopt or provide foster care for their rescued pets, but right now they need those people more than ever.

With the recent bust of a major dogfighting operation in the city, the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals shelters took on all 26 dogs that were rescued. Not only is it the shelter's busiest time of year, but now they are down 26 cages for the next year (while the dogfighting suspects are tried) and in desperate need to find foster homes for other potential pets.

Unfortunately, when there isn’t enough space in the shelters, officials must kill some of the animals. There are around 100 animals coming into the shelters everyday and because space is limited other innocent furry friends are dying.

The PSPCA is encouraging everyone to save an animal's life and here is how you can help.

Contact ACCT on 11 W. Hunting Park Ave. if you are interested in fostering or adopting a dog, cat or kitten.

PAWS Adoption Center on the corner of 2nd and Arch Streets is also a great place to foster or adopt from. They can only rescue as many animals as they have space for so the more adoptions or fostering, the more animals they are able to rescue.

By rescuing one of these animals in need you are not only saving a life and gaining a furry companion, but you are providing the space and a chance for another neglected animal to find a loving home, officials say. 

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