‘Angel' Police Officer Saves the Life of Young Girl

A 3-year-old girl reunited with the "angel" Upper Merion police officer who saved her life last year. NBC10's Deanna Durante speaks to the officer, the young girl and the child's mother.

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It was a birthday to remember for 3-year-old Remi, who reunited with the man whose quick actions allowed her to reach that milestone. 

In April of 2022, Remi’s mother, Jean Ann Chadwick, noticed her daughter was choking inside their home in Gulph Mills, Pennsylvania. 

“I just heard her on the baby monitor during her nap and I knew something wasn’t right,” Chadwick said. “I ran in, noticed she was choking, wasn’t sure on what. Could not clear it myself.” 

Chadwick, a former trauma nurse, quickly called 911. Fortunately for her and her daughter, Upper Merion Township Police Officer Dan Mease just happened to be in the neighborhood. 

“I happened to be the closest officer for a priority call like that,” Officer Mease said. 

Officer Mease quickly arrived at the home. 

“Miss Chadwick opened the front door and she handed Remi to me,” he said. 

Chadwick told NBC10 her daughter didn’t have much time left to spare. 

“He took her. She was lifeless and starting to turn blue at that point,” she said. 

Officer Mease patted her on the back, flipped her over and tried again to get the object she was choking on released. 

“I could hear that she was having difficulty breathing and I administered some back blows and set her down to kind of reassess,” Officer Mease said. “She swallowed. Took a deep breath. And slowly started to get her color back.” 

More than a year after saving her life, Officer Mease met with Remi to celebrate her third birthday. 

“Remi, who’s Officer Dan?” Chadwick asked her daughter. 

“He’s an angel,” Remi replied. 

Officer Mease, who has children of his own, told NBC10 the girl’s words left him speechless. 

“It’s a very heavy thing to kind of wrap my mind around,” he said. 

Chadwick, meanwhile, remains grateful to the man who saved her daughter’s life. 

“There’s not enough ‘thank yous’ in the world to show how grateful I am to this man,” she said. 

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