Andrea Russett and Samantha J Take on Love Park

Sarah Glover

Up-and-coming singer Samantha J and YouTube star Andrea Russett made a pit stop at Love Park this afternoon on their way to New York City.

Samantha J has a single out titled "Tight Skirt" that's climbing the charts and Russett is best known for her YouTube videos on makeup, boyfriends and clothing. Her video, "Ten Things I Hate About Everybody" was viewed 2.6 million times.

Russett tweeted just before 11 a.m. where she'd be stopping in Philadelphia.

With 135 retweets, 700 adoring fans showed up to meet and greet the duo in Love Park from 4 to 6 p.m. 

"Selfies," hugs and a mob of teen gils surrounded the iconic LOVE Park statue.

Freshman Hallahan student Starr Wimber screamed in the middle of English class after the tweet posted. Her classmates had been waiting for word on where Russett was going to show up today. Wimber's scream was the notice they needed.

Wimber didn't get in trouble for adding a little drama to her English class. She was moreso a heroine to her friends. Wimber and a group of about 10 other freshman went together from school to Love Park. 

Wimber was in tears after meeting Russett and Samatha J.

The girls from Hallahan gave the stars a piece of paper with all their Twitter handles on it, hoping the duo will follow each of them.

Russett and Samantha J are on a two-week meet-and-greet city tour, which started in Miami. Fans knew they were coming to Philly, but just didn't know where exactly the meet-up would be until the morning tweet.

Hailey Walker, 14, waited patiently for the tweet to come while in school in Ridley. Her mom came to school early to pick up Hailey, her sister and friends and bring them to Love Park. 

"I had to be on standby," said Stephanie Walker. "It was just a matter of when and where."

Bundled in hats and gloves, Samantha J and Russett hugged every fan in line and then took a picture with each one.

Samantha J is from Jamaica and wasn't ready for the cooler temperatures.

"I've never been this cold in my life," she said with a big smile on her face. "I look blue."

Philly fans provided some warmth.

"It's freezing out here," said Russett. "But, I totally love Philly. It's been so much fun hugging fans and thanking them for their support." 

Brynn Schwegler, 14, was toward the end of the line waiting patiently to take a photo.

"Andrea is the nicest person and Samantha is lovely," said Schwegler. "They are both darling." 

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