Is America's ‘Best' Public Restroom in Delaware? You Can Vote Now

Yes, 'America's Best Restroom' could be in Delaware or New Jersey


Cintas awards America's Best Restroom each year with a nationwide contest, and a Delaware restroom has made the list of 10 finalists for 2022.

Set in Dagsboro, Delaware, you'll find Delaware Botanic Gardens at Pepper Creek. The florals and landscape is not what is getting their name out there this time -- it's the bathroom.

Cintas says the 21st annual contest celebrates businesses that develop and maintain innovative restroom facilities.

"How a business maintains its facilities is a reflection of a business’ commitment to customer service," the company says.

If you look at photos of this restroom in Dagsboro, you're sure to be impressed. Delaware Botanic Gardens makes the restroom "part of the unique garden experience".

Photo Credit: Cintas

These new restrooms are made of natural cedar cladding and encompass floor-to-ceiling south windows, all designed by local firm of SEA Studio Architects.

"Several didactic features on the exterior demonstrate simple stormwater management practices, including a rainwater collection cistern and rain chains that feed a 'living' wall, dry riverbed, and rain garden," Cintas said in a release.

Photo Credit: Cintas

These gorgeous features, the location of the washroom within the gardens, combined with these environmental practices make it a standout nominee and now finalist for the title of America's Best Restroom.

The public was able to nominate their favorite restroom starting in April, and the 10 finalists were announced on July 26.

Eligibility requirements met by these washrooms were quite simple -- nominees must be open to the public and within the United States.

Other finalists for the award include two restrooms in Florida, one in Georgia, South Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Missouri and even one within the Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey.

To view images of the restrooms and to vote on your favorite, head to Cintas website. Voting is open through Aug. 26.

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