Resident Uses Lacrosse Stick to Corral Baby Alligator Wandering Around Montgomery County Town

Police say they were called to corral an alligator that was seen wandering a Montgomery County street.

Collegeville Police Officer Matt Cubbler had just come on duty when he was called to Freeland Drive -- not far from the Perkiomen Trail -- around 8:45 a.m. Thursday. By the time he arrived, a resident had snagged the alligator with a lacrosse stick and placed it in a small dog crate.

Cubbler says the alligator was up to 2-feet long and was turned over to animal control, which contacted a reptile specialist. [[392134181, C]]

He tells he believes the gator was released into the nearby Perkiomen Creek, which is illegal.

There aren't any laws barring residents from owning an alligators or crocodiles in Pennsylvania, but police say it's illegal to release one into the wild. [[26343834, C]]

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