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Caught on Cam: Allentown Officers Shoot Some Hoops with Kids at Cedar Beach Park

An improptu game of basketball was all it took for two Allentown police officers and a group of kids to have some fun last weekend. 

Miriam Matos was out at Cedar Beach Park in Allentown for a community event when she saw the officers playing a game of basketball with a group of kids. She decided to record the game to share the moment and explained the officers looked like they were playing on different teams and were helping the kids make baskets.

"Most people think cops are bad, but forget their job is to help our community" says Matos, "It was awesome to see them playing together."

NBC10 tracked down the two Allentown officers -- partners Bryan Guzley and Nicholas Lerch -- who have been working together since February, 2016.

"Not all kids view us in a good way, but we want to have a good presence in the community" said Guzley.

Guzley told NBC10 he and Lerch decided to start the game after walking around the park while greeting residents and seeing a few kids on the court.

"After shooting some baskets with four kids, about five more showed up and we just thought we would start a game," said Lerch. "It's our way to give back and get involved with the community." 

Both officers enjoyed getting a chance to share the great day with the kids and agreed it was a fun experience for everyone.

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