All-Day Drinkfest Worries West Chester U

West Chester University officials and residents are worried that a day of partying being called “Dubfest” may just turn into a day of drinking.

Students are using Facebook to get out the word about the May 1 party day. The day was chosen because it is the Saturday before final exams start.

The Facebook group has already more than 3,500 confirmed guests that agree to throw or attend parties on or around campus.

Some students think there may be an overreaction on the part of the university and police.

“It’s not the first ‘Dubfest’ ever, it’s the first one that they’re calling ‘Dubfest’,” said Virginia Smith, a West Chester junior. “But let’s be real, ‘Dubfest’ happens like every weekend.”

Police say they will enforce a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking, open containers and unruly behavior.

Local residents are worried that the partying may spill over into the neighborhoods.

“As long as you make sure that everybody keeps in order,” said Gayle Teti, a West Chester resident. “I know it’s college students but what are you going to do.”

University and police officials are encouraging students not to participate in “Dubfest” and instead study for their upcoming finals.

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