After Sandy: Looters Hit NJ Victims

They've already lost their homes. Now, some flood victims say looters are trying to take what's left.

More than two dozen homeowners in Pleasantville, N.J. already reeling from damage or destruction from Sandy had a new worry Wednesday: looters.

“I’ve already caught a lady under here, trying to get into my kitchen” said Diane DeSabatino.

Her waterfront home is in ruins. And her neighbor's place doesn't exist anymore.

“It’s heartbreaking. It’s your whole life. Your life, just gone.”

There's damage all over this bay side community. And thieves are trying to take advantage of others' troubles. DeSabatino says she's been sleeping in her car, to try and protect what's left of her house.

“It’s scary enough to have this happen and then people coming and taking advantage of your misfortune" she told NBC10.

Police say that's not necessary. Special patrols will be on the streets of Pleasantville from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.

"I’d rather have everybody seek shelter elsewhere and we’ll watch over their property" says Chief Jose Ruiz.

No arrests were made as of Wednesday evening.

Police in nearby Atlantic City say they have also received reports of looting but they don't know how widespread the thefts have been.

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