After Sandy: “It's Just Shocking”

Sandy ravages the mainland community of Pleasantville, NJ

Hurricane Sandy roared though Pleasantville, NJ with a vengeance Monday night. 

At least two dozen houses on several streets in the Atlantic County community were damaged or destroyed. And unlike beach towns, this devastation is on the mainland.

Cinder blocks and a television are all that's left of the home Jeff Schneidt recently bought.

“Everybody around here thought they’d get water, but I never thought the house would be gone. It was built so strong” Schneidt told NBC10.

And he's not the only one. Flood waters ripped the back off Jackie Ernst's home of 22 years, after she was rescued Monday afternoon. She hopes she'll be able to rebuild.

“I’ve been paying insurance for a long time, flood insurance and I’m hoping they will give me enough money to get back into my home.”

Now, these hurricane victims have a new fear. Looters have been spotted in the area. That's got residents sleeping in their cars to protect their homes.

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