After Sandy: “Eating Dried Cereal”

A Montgomery County family copes with two kids and two days without electricity.

The Fogle family of Dresher, PA has been in the dark for two days. 

Parents Cheri and Mike are teachers. There's no power at their schools either. So they're home with their two little boys, who are camping out in their parents' bedroom.

"Their windows are near trees and we didn't want to worry about a tree going through, just wanted to have them close in case the winds got really bad" said Mike Fogle.

Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett visited the area Wednesday and said crews are doing all they can to get power back into homes and businesses. About 600 PECO customers in Dresher are still without electricity.

"We understand the inconvenience a lot of people are going through" said Corbett.

"We have our water, supplies. It's actually pretty good, still" Cheri Fogle told NBC 10.

They're accepting invitations from family and friends, to escape cabin fever.

PECO says it could be days, if not weeks, before everyone is back on line.

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