After Patti Pie Sensation, Famed Philly Singer Patti LaBelle's Baking Up Cakes

Two years ago, Philadelphia music icon Patti LaBelle started a culinary craze when her signature sweet potato pie went on sale at Walmart.

Sales were pegged at 13 pies a minute and were undoubtedly helped by this viral YouTube video from LaBelle fan James Wright:

Now, LaBelle is baking up a new set of treats: cakes.

The holiday treats, also being sold at Walmart for $14.98, come in flavors like New Attitude Caramel, Somebody Loves You, Baby Golden Fudge Chocolate, and On My Own Red Velvet and Carrot.

NBC10's Randy Gyllenhaal spoke to shoppers as they tried the desserts for the first time this week. You can hear their reviews in the video above.

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