Aditi's Burger Record Beat — Twice

Just last week, NBC Philadelphia's Aditi Roy managed to eat eight, yup eight, cheeseburgers, setting the record for the most eaten in Wynnewood's newest burger joint, Elevation Burger

The challenge came from teenager Ace Miles, who held the record at seven. Although Miles taunted her (he finished first), Aditi did get all eight patties down and she and the teen called it a tie.

A mere few days later, viewer Mike Yuhas of Folsom, took it upon himself to challenge sweet, tiny Aditi and her eight patty record.

On Tuesday, Yuhas went into Elevation and informed the staff, "If Aditi can eat eight patties, I can eat 10!"

And he did, breaking Aditi's record.

Ah, but Karma's a -- well, you know -- and just one day later, Yuhas was knocked off his high horse by Steve Profitt who housed 12 patties!

So, who's up for a challenge?

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