Butt-Injection Victim Left 1st Surgery in Agony: Report

Ex-boyfriend of Claudia Aderotimi says he is devestated by her death

Claudia Aderotimi, who friends say idolized Beyonce, had allegedly vowed never to go through buttocks augmentation again after a November procedure reportedly left her in terrible pain.

"I never thought she would go back,” said ex-boyfriend Paul Dijimo.

Dijimo talked to The Sun, a British newspaper, about the woman he claimed he was trying to get back.

He said that Aderomtimi was in intense pain after the first procedure and she told him she wouldn’t go through the procedure again.

But she did go back to get an even larger backside.

Her desire to be a hip-hop star drew her to a Southwest Philadelphia hotel again, according to reports.

Aderotimi, a 20-year-old Londoner, died early Tuesday more than 12 hours after receiving another silicone butt injection in Philadelphia, police said.

A photo shows Aderotimi allegedly in Philly just hours before the procedure.

“She told me having the injections made her feel better about herself,” Dijimo told the Sun.

They were still dating the first time she had the cosmetic enhancement and Dijimo thought it was a joke when she first brought up the idea.

"When she first mentioned having surgery, I thought it was just a joke,” Dijimo told the paper. “We laughed about it and I never imagined it would end up being the cause of her death."

Dijimo was “devastated” by the loss of the woman he claimed he “never stopped loving.”

“The irony is Claudia was a beautiful, intelligent, charming girl in her own right who would have been successful whatever she did,” Dijimo told The Sun.

While more details about the woman who possibly died from silicone seeping into her bloodstream, according to authorities, witnesses identified what police refer to as a person of interest allegedly responsible for injecting Aderotimi with silicone.

An affidavit obtained by NBC Philadelphia states that police searched the Main Line home of Padge-Victoria Windslowe. Witnesses identified the 41-year-old as the person who performed the cosmetic procedure on Aderotimi.

 As of Friday afternoon Windslowe remained on the loose.

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