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Man Acts Like a Police Officer Along Atlantic City Expressway: Police

New Jersey State Police arrested a man they say impersonated a police officer along the Atlantic City Expressway last week.

A woman told police that a man pulled up next to her and flashed a "badge," then signaled for her to pull over as she drove along the Atlantic City Expressway on Jan. 13.

Overcome with fear, knowing something was wrong, the woman dialed 911, said police. She pulled over at a toll plaza and the man who attempted to pull her over drove past.

After a weeklong investigation, police arrested Angelo Otchy, 39, at his residence and charged him with harassment and impersonating a police officer.

Troopers warn that drivers be wary of suspicious situations. If something does not seem safe or normal, people should dial 911 and stay on the line with the dispatcher for as long as they need.

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