Accused Coatesville Arsonist in Court

Victims of the Coatesville arsons try to face the man accused of setting some of those fires today.

The multiple fires that have plagued the small city has made national headlines in recent months.

19 year old roger Barlow was driven to court today in West Chester for a preliminary hearing.

He heard the charges against him: including 9 counts of arson and 5 counts of aggravated assault for injuries to firefighters and police.

Investigators say the fires were set between Jan. 2 and Feb. 3 of this year, including one that destroyed 15 row houses on Jan. 24.

Leonard Harding is one of the people who lost their homes in the Fleetwood street fire Barlow is accused of setting.

Prosecutors say Barlow has changed his story several times since his arrest. The hearing ended with Barlow being held for trial.

Barlow's lawyer says his client wasn't at the scene of any of the fires and doesn't understand why he was arrested.

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