Abused Dog Left to Die in Rising Creek

Wyatt Erb couldn’t look away when he and his wife spotted a dog clinging to life as they walked near the Neshaminy Creek in Bristol Township on Saturday. The lab mix was tied to a rock while inside the rising water.

“The leash was actually hooked to a stone in the ground,” said Erb. “It’s not something the dog could have done by itself."

Erb quickly took action and went inside the creek to get the dog out. Sergeant Thomas Gaffney of the Bristol Police Department believes the action saved the animal’s life.

“She would have drowned more than likely if the water got high enough,” said Gaffney.

Gaffney says the dog suffered years of abuse and had a tumor on her hind leg that was never treated. He also believes it was the owner who left her tied up inside the creek in an attempt to kill her.

If the dog’s owner is found and has no history of animal cruelty, he or she could only be charged with a fine. Gaffney believes that punishment is not enough however. He vows to work with the District Attorney to stack charges of neglect and abandonment against the owner.

“You could adopt it or humanely euthanize it,” said Gaffney. “You can do many other things but to do what the person did makes no sense.”

In addition to the tumor, the dog also suffered eye infections and is extremely emaciated. She will be taken to the Bucks County SPCA later this week where she will be available for adoption. Police also believe the dog is between 8 and 11 years of age.

If you have any information on the dog’s owner, please call Bristol Police.

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