Abortion Doc Denied Preliminary Hearing

Gosnell hires high-profile lawyer after telling judge he’s broke

Philly abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, who is charged with killing a patient and seven babies born alive, was denied a preliminary evidence hearing Wednesday.

Gosnell made an appearance in court Wednesday along with his new high-profile center city attorney Jack McMahon.

Gosnell hired McMahon a week after the abortion doctor told Judge Renee Cardwell Hughes that he was broke. Considering grand jury reports that Gosnell made about $1.8 million a year, Hughes denied Gosnell a public defender last week, told him to hire a lawyer and set today’s court date.

Gosnell’s wife Pearl and eight employees were also in court Wednesday. Gosnell and four others are charged with murder and the rest with lesser counts.

Prosecutors said the 10 people charged do not have the right to a probable-cause hearing because the grand jury authorized the murder, conspiracy and other charges in a lengthy report. A judge agreed and denied the hearing request.

Authorities say the West Philly abortion doctor’s regular method of getting rid of late-term, unwanted pregnancies was to induce labor and snap the spinal cord of a newly-born, writhing baby with a pair of scissors,

Prosecutors also say that the untrained workers also performed illegal abortions, provided anesthesia and other medical services.

The defendants are next due in court March 2.

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