Abington Township Police Department Hosts First ‘Virtual Ride Along'

The Abington Township Police Department launched its first 'Virtual Ride Along' experience, hoping to enhance public trust and build partnerships within their local community.

“We just had this really cool idea and we can’t do ride alongs for everybody but what better way to reach people than by doing a virtual ride along,” Lieutenant Division Commander of Community Policing Kelley Warner said.

On July 14 the Department hosted their first ‘Virtual Ride Along’ following calls for service during the evening shift. Officers on duty tweeted information about those calls with photos and videos of the officers at work.

“Patrol Commanders and I were in an unmarked car monitoring the radio and we had three retail thefts within thirty minutes. That was quick and we tweeted some pictures. Another guy had a hawk land in the yard. So, we do a little bit of everything,” Lieutenant Warner said.

As residents virtually follow the footsteps of their local police officers they also get to know some of the officers who serve the Abington Township every day.

“This is something new for us and we got some positive response. So, we are hoping to get the word out and it is a great opportunity to see the day in the life of an Abington Police Officer.”

The Department is hoping to have the ride alongs monthly. Upcoming ‘Virtual Ride Alongs’ can be found on the Abington Township Police website.

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