Spring Break Safety Tips

Here are some spring break safety tips care of AAA:

•    Leave a copy of your passport, travel itinerary and any other important documents with a reliable person at home who can be contacted in the event that your documents are lost or stolen. Carry an extra copy with an extra set of passport photos in a separate bag.
•    Don’t go anywhere alone.  Travel in numbers.
•    Don’t let your guard down.  Be aware of your surroundings.
•    Don’t drink excessive amounts of alcohol or gather with those who do.  Never accept drinks from strangers.  
•    Keep your hotel room locked at all times. Don’t open the door if you are unsure who is on the other side.
•    Travel in clearly marked taxis or hotel shuttle buses.  Don’t accept rides from strangers.
•    Stay with your party at all times and avoid sharing your travel itinerary with people you meet on vacation.
•    Frequent well-known tourist areas.
•    Be wary of strangers.
•    Don’t leave bags unattended at any time, even on the beach.
•    Don’t make yourself a target by wearing expensive jewelry, and don’t carry excessive amounts of cash or credit cards.
•    Don’t pack prescription medication, car keys, travel documents, passports, visas or critical items, or documents in checked luggage.  Upon arrival, keep them in the hotel room safe.
•    Fill out the Emergency Information page in your passport, so that authorities are able to help you in the event of an emergency.
•    Make sure you are dealing with reputable vendors for any activities, such as water sports. Make sure you are sufficiently trained to use any equipment and inquire about the operators who carry medical and liability insurance.
•    Visit (U.S. Department of State) for travel warnings about your destination.  Look up your destination in the Country Specific Information section for invaluable information about safety and security.
•    Remember that in Mexico, you are assumed guilty until proven innocent. This means that if you are arrested for any reason, you may be jailed until you can prove your innocence. For this reason, obey all laws in Mexico. [[238427591, C]]

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