A Sleepless Night for “Dark Knight” Faithful

Midnight madness sales as DVD/Blu-ray go on sale

Fans of the biggest movie of the year might have a long night Monday into Tuesday as "The Dark Knight" DVDs and Blu-ray discs hit store shelves at midnight.

"The Dark Knight" was a box office smash in the summer of 2008 eventually becoming the second highest-grossing flick ever in release (behind the unsinkable "Titanic"). Now retailers looking for a holiday boost are hoping Batman will save the day and boost sales with the release of the "must-see" DVD and Blu-ray discs.

Fans clamoring to be the first kid (of all ages) on the block to watch "Knight" in the comfort of their own home (legally) can do so after midnight.

All Philly-area Blockbuster stores will be staying open late Monday so that Batman fans can buy or rent the movie after it goes on sale at midnight, according to a Blockbuster release.

The spot though for the hardcore fans will be the Blockbuster in Ardmore, Pa. where a special “Dark Knight” celebration will be held starting at 10 p.m. The Ardmore store is at 217 W Lancaster Avenue.

Q102's Joey Brooks will host the celebration that includes a “Dark Knight” look-a-like contest.

Other local chain stores including Best Buy and Circuit City stores may also have midnight madness sales -- call ahead to see if they will be staying open late.

Click here to see some a "Dark Knight" special features preview.

The DVD release could also help to pump up the Oscar buzz for "The Dark Knight" especially for Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker.

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